Reiki Alignment

Reiki Alignment

Reiki alignment, also known as Reiki attunement or initiation, is a process in which a Reiki practitioner, usually a Reiki Master, transfers energy to a student or another practitioner. This process is believed to “align” the recipient with the universal life force energy, opening and expanding their capacity to channel this energy for healing purposes.

During a Reiki alignment, the Reiki Master employs specific symbols and techniques that have been passed down through the tradition. These symbols are thought to activate and enhance the flow of energy in the recipient’s energy centers or chakras, allowing them to become a conduit for the healing energy.

Reiki alignments are typically carried out in person and are part of the Reiki training process, which is divided into several levels or degrees. Each level comes with a specific attunement, building upon the abilities and knowledge of the practitioner. The levels are:

Reiki Level 1: The practitioner learns to channel Reiki energy primarily for self-healing and can also provide hands-on healing for others.

Reiki Level 2: The practitioner learns distance healing techniques and is introduced to additional Reiki symbols to enhance their healing abilities.

Reiki Level 3 (Reiki Master): The practitioner gains the ability to attune and teach others, as well as a deeper understanding of Reiki energy and advanced healing techniques.